TTRA is the leading advocate for higher standards in travel and tourism-related research, analysis, and marketing. For over 50 years, TTRA has been the industry’s leader for go-to, evidence-based, global travel and tourism data and analysis. TTRA unites the best and brightest from the travel and tourism research community. University academics, professional practitioners, and research experts become members of TTRA to network, collaborate, learn, and ideate with colleagues from across the globe.

Travel and tourism professionals need world-class research to make informed decisions. TTRA is where they find it.

TTRA’s updated membership structure offers better value and more inclusive opportunities for members to access our resources and community. For organizations, the new pricing model eliminates complex calculations and offers a flat rate of $999 for up to 25 individuals, making it easier to budget and plan for membership. By investing in our resources and community, TTRA is positioning itself to continue to be a leader in the travel and tourism industry. We are committed to providing the highest quality resources and services to our members. With the updated membership structure, TTRA is dedicated to providing valuable opportunities for our members to grow and succeed. Join us and become a part of a community that is shaping the future of the travel and tourism industry!


TTRA offers multiple membership categories to fit the needs of our members:

  1. Organizational Membership: $999 JOIN/RENEW NOW

  2. Premier Individual Membership: $499 JOIN/RENEW NOW

  3. Academic Standard Individual Membership: $319 JOIN/RENEW NOW

  4. Student Membership: $50 JOIN/RENEW NOW

Organizational membership includes up to 25 members.

Ultimately, membership in TTRA says to the global community that you strive to meet exceptional industry standards as a provider of travel and tourism research and marketing solutions.

Join our growing global network and become a TTRA member today!

TTRA also offers Partnership, Retired, and Lifetime Membership options. If you have any questions regarding TTRA membership, please get in touch with us at [email protected].